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Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. has been featured on Inside Edition, HBO, The Thoroughbred Times, The New York Times, The Blood horse magazine, Paulick Report, our local media the Reading Eagle, Channel 69 and much more. We have helped those who have been abused, neglected, sent to auction, slaughter bound, starved and ultimately betrayed. Help to restore their faith in humanity.

Educating America - AC4H featured in the HBO Real Sports report/segment on Horse Slaughter and the Racing Industry HBO's “Running For Their Lives.” "Real Sports" series won the Sports Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Sports Journalism.

   Horse Slaughter Video 1 Horse Slaughter Video 2

 - OTTB saved by Lexi educational success story article.



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Calendar of Events (pending fundraising):   1st Annual international Conference Equine Welfare Sept , 26-28,  November 10–13, 2011 Eastern States Exposition W. Springfield, MA,   January 20 - 22, 2012 Annual 16th Maryland Horse World Expo,  February 23- 26, 2012 Annual 10th Horse World Expo, Harrisburg PA,  April 12–15, 2012 Ohio Expo Center Columbus, OH




  AC4H equine, and small animal rescue and misc Flood pictures  Pics and video 2011

 Descendant of Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand rescued from tragic fate




 Wandering horse saved by good samaritans and local horse rescue


The AC4H international network saved hundreds of horses from slaughter and neglect  2009- To read the rest of the article click: - Black Horse - Orion Magazine article by Lisa Couturier

 Click here: The fallacy of horse slaughter   

AC4H Silent Auction Fundraiser -

A Success Story happy endings- 

 Assateague Island wild pony in need of humane intervention click below link to read the story - Who is in charge of the Park or over the park?  All they keep saying is that this is a birth defect and that her mother had it too.  This is NOT a birth defect.  Help us help her.

Chester "unfit for sale" needs your help and a home


The little white and gray miniature donkey was deemed unfit to be offered for sale at a local Pennsylvania horse auction; she was too skinny. The donkey could In 1971 the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress "found and declared that  wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and... Read more »

  Bronze Medallion Appaloosa mare and foal saved from slaughter pipeline...Her name is Revalette, and she was consigned by Paige Larsen, MN to the semi-annual Twin Cities Appaloosa Sales. The catalog comments stated, " This mare is bred back and has a foal on her side out of Reserve National Champion Maid Ya Whisper....

  It's Kentucky Derby Day! Another great article by Cheryl.

Another Chance 4 Horses saves thoroughbreds from slaughter
AC4H placed 87 OTTB's in 2009 and helped over 100 OTTBs.  The rescue of Little Cliff, a slaughter bound thoroughbred heading to Canada for human consumption brought awareness to the plight of racehorses across the United States. Formerly trained by Nick Zito, his wife, Kim affixed a sticker on the...

The Reading Eagle - Dan Kelly's Korner: Horse rescuer, like the animals she cares for, gets another chance   Thank you to Dan Kelly and Susan who took the time to visit us and do an article about AC4H.  We grately appreciate the publicity.  Correction - the 30 horses saved last week referred to in the article while many were purchased from New holland auction for the purpose of slaughter they were broker owned horses not purchased directly from New Holland by AC4H but saved by a lot of wonderful people - teamwork saves a lot of lives!  There are horse s killed for zoo meat and pet food but the majority are slaughterbound for human consumption in foreign coutries.  Also, AC4H is located in Berks County, North Heidelburg Township.  Again thanks to the Reading Eagle for taking the time to publicise this we appreciate it grately!

Horse slaughter proponents completely ignore meat contamination dangers 

A bill allowing horses to be slaughtered in Missouri would allow horse slaughterhouses to slide around the federal ban on inspectors. Representative Jim Viebrock hopes to make his state the horse slaughter capital of the world. Meanwhile, Montana... To read the rest of this article, please click on the link below:


Video of lice infected neglected, Finely Decorated:

~Article from the hearing

Paragallo Covicted!  Click here to read the story! : Paragallo guilty on 33 counts of horse neglect

  American Saddlebred rescued before shipping to Canadian slaughterhouse

The white auction tag sticker number 140 provided the proof that bad things can happen to good horses. Crosswind's Gold Rush, who was foaled on February 19, 2005 almost had his final birthday at a Canadian slaughter house had his photo not...

Click to read Reward for horse killer - York, Pennsylvania reward now up to $2,600 original story

What could be easier than grabbing a holiday card, placing a dollar bill in it, signing your name and hurrying to the mail box and sending it to...Keep Reading »

The New York Racing Association has announced today that owners and trainers of racehorses at Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga racetracks will be denied stalls as penalties for horsemen who sell a horse to slaughter. The NYRA  advocates the support... Read more

  Appaloosa gelding "Get A Minute" saved from slaughter finds new home

It makes no difference as to breed, gender, age or lineage when it comes to horse slaughter although most horses slaughtered are young, healthy and well-trained. It is a myth and pro-slaughter propaganda that only old horses, lame horses and... To read the rest of this article, please click on the link:


DSC09654 by you.  Horse recovered after missing for ten years

What are the chances of finding a horse that has been missing for ten years? Fredrich Von Schiller tells us that " there is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us nearest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny." The... To read the rest of this article, please click on the link below:

  Rescued auction pony recovering after losing an eye
Thursday, December 17, 2009

A five year old  miniature horse no higher than 36" at the withers is recovering at Brandywine  Veterinary Services in PA after having her eye surgically removed today. Rescued from a local broker barn, Another Chance 4 Horses, an all... Read more »

Thoroughbred race track lacks enforcing zero tolerance policy for slaughter in a holding pen at a small auction in Fredericksburg, PA, approximately 15 miles from Penn National Race Course, the only thoroughbred among ponies and other breeds, paced nervously back and forth calling to the other horses. Christy Sheidy,...

                        click here for more information


DSC03909DSC03917From Ellen Harvey of  the United States Trotting Association.  "This horse was very lucky to have once been owned by a big time baseball player, now a TV broadcaster. Almost as lucky as Christy coming across him."


Wonderful article about our friend Lillian and her work with her beloved breed the American Saddlebred Horses and great education about slaughter. Saving horses from slaughter - By BARB KREBS
For the Weekly Record
  Lillian Halvorsen rescued her first horse when she was only 12 years old. Today, her farm is home to several horses she rescued from the slaughter pens, and she has found good homes for other View Full Story

AC4H recovered thoroughbred Luckyallmylife heading home

Video of Luckyallmylife the day he went home:




Do you know me?  I was Abandoned 9-29, Looking for information click here.        Thank you Channel 69 for airing this!

Attempted Horse Abduction/Theft!! click here

Update - Ernie was to go to court Monday Oct. 19th but        appears to have been another delay!!!  initial press releases click here for More information and Updates Jennifer is still in     need of a home she is one of the first victims that led the       rest of her herd being helped.  See AC4H Available Horses 

From Lauren- (The Only Word) She is a dream come true for me and all I can        talk about! We even went to a 4h   show and did a walk trot class and got 5th       outta 12! She behaved awesome. I took her on a trail ride with my dog and it      was a beautiful day, I had never been so happy.

Alex Waldrop statement on NY investigations
Jockey Club will take action against cruelty
Previous stories leading up to raid after the initial public rescue of the initial neglected 4  - racing privledges revoked                            Subpoena paragallo in cruelty case                                                                - NYRA bans Paragallo From doing business                                            Thoroughbred owner under fire

Arrested on 22 counts: 

1-23-09 Roxbury Has Its Own Horse Rescuer By: Jack Coraggio

It's out the National Geographic article on the Mustangs...
Dear Christy,
I am a writer for National Geographic Magazine writing about wild horses for an April '09 issue.  I have been lookng EVERYWHERE for proof that mustangs have been and are getting sent to slaughter & finally, here you are!  The BLM acknowledges the scandal of the Clavel Slaughterhouse when 41 BLM Sales Authority  horses were sent to slaughter but they deny that there are any other horses that have met this fate (they claimed they contacted DOMESTIC slsughter houses to prevent this from ever happening again).  It looks as if you have evidence that the horses were sent to Canda though, at least in 2005. Please call or email any time.
Best, Alexandra Fuller
12-30-08 PSA Cherie from Wink 104 created a public service announcement that can be heard by clicking our website  This PSA is available via disc or email.  YouTube link to hear the PSA
Note: Wink 104 is the highest rated (most listened to) station in the entire state of PA so a lot of people will hear the message far and wide :) The best part is, if you can't get wink 104 where you live. You can listen live anytime on your computer click on "listen live" Cherie is on the air Monday-Friday 10am-2pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm as well...   This PSA will be playing for the entire year of 09.
Please help get this PSA out.  Email for the mp3 attachment file.  ALWAYS ADDRESS YOUR PACKAGE TO " ATTENTION PROGRAM DIRECTOR" The best thing everyone can do, is MAIL a cover letter and a PSA on DISK to ALL the radio stations in their city, no matter what format, all stations play PSA's, even talk radio and RAP. Then wait a week, and then follow up with a phone call asking when the station received it, etc.  Thank you for helping educate America about horse slaughter.

7-21-08 - Monday: Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. was invited to be a guest speaker on Berks County TV. 

We would like to thank Berks Animal Rescue League for the work that they do and for inviting AC4H, Inc. to the show  
Animal Rescue League Watch It Now!

5-12-08  HBO investigates horse slaughter - casual horse racing fans are aware that many former racing horses are slaughtered for profit. When a thoroughbred race horse reaches the end of its career or is simply no longer profitable on the track, it is often taken directly to auction and sold for meat. Because horse slaughter is no longer practiced in this country, these thoroughbreds are now being shipped by "killer buyers" to slaughterhouses abroad, which are frequently less regulated and less humane than former U.S. slaughterhouses. Correspondent Bernard Goldberg, who recently won the 2008 Sports Emmy(r) for Outstanding Sports Journalism for his 2007 REAL SPORTS story on the NFL concussion crisis, traces the disturbing journey many of these young and healthy horses take from the track, to auctions, to slaughterhouses, and finally to the plates of European and Japanese diners who pay top dollar for the delicacy.

Let them know you appreciate the exposure with a thank you email them here  "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," here:
Click here for pictures from the HBO Hidden Horses behind the scenes.  

AC4H Exclusive HBO behind the scene pictures

“Having seen the recent HBO ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ segment on horse slaughtering, I had no choice but to act,” said Dr. John Boyd, NBFA founder and president. 

Animal Welfare Institute and National Black Farmers Association Launch “Project Wanted Horse”

11-07  Inside Edition  click here to see exclusive pictures and watch the interview on photo bucket. 
 Thank you John Holland for all of your hard work, dedication and direction.  Thank you Inside Edition for giving the horses air time!  Also, I would like to thank the Horse Rescue Coalition who assisted in getting permission for Inside Edition to attend the auction, who drove from far distances to attend and help the horses as they do every day and thank you to the people who donated to save lives and a special thank you to the FOB's I did make special mention of you for all you do in the interview that I did but unfortunately it didn't make it to the finished product so I am thanking you all again personally here.

Christy Co-Founder AC4H interviewing with Matt from Inside Edition

       Video by Laura YouTube - The Journey Of The Inside Edition Horses

6-9-08 SLICE OF LIFE: Student helps rescue thoroughbred

5-25-08 And They're Off - To Slaughter The Tampa Tribune

5-10-08  The Horse article#11842: Tracking Sold Horses: Lucky Rescue of Little Cliff

4-15-08 "Clipped Bay Gelding" Little Cliff Rescued from Slaughter

3-11-08 Berks Horse Group Takes Cause to Lawmakers

2-08 Helping Hearts becomes a rescue - AC4H mentioned as we have helped many horses together.

2-08 Winner's Circle, Better Bet Me - Standardbred

12-18-07 A horse of her own Hunter

8-17-07 Yesterday’s heroes serve to remind of today’s needs 


6-13-07 And then there were none, A horse owner's worst nightmare Press Release

5-28-07 Memorial Day rescue Press Release    Lacie Turner Bedford County Seizure   

Channel 6 news coverage - corrections:  They said Second Chance rather than Another Chance and didn't put a link to website or address for donation but here is the clip...  we appreciate the coverage...

1-29-07  Bobby's Honor - .... - we are at the end of the story. Bobby's Honor on the news. Bobby was pulled from slaughter with roll over funds, in honor of Barbaro.

Pennies 4 PMU's Press Release to Circulate

Pennies 4 PMU's Print Page Place on Coffee Can for "Can-Paign" Display

Help the PMU's by sending this Press Release to everyone you know.

05-04-05 Wyeth Organics cuts PMU contracts again - Marcy Nicholson BRANDONSUN

Pennsylvania-based Another Chance 4 Horses has helped place more than 350 PMU horses since October 2003. The non-profit placement organization can be reached by calling 1-804-642-4294 or 1-757-509-0320.

4-22-05 Channel 21 Harrisburg WHP-PBS - Horse Rehab AC4H "Neglect of a Lifetime" regarding MN neglect rescues.


The Delps of Culpeper County are part of an organization that rescues foals that are the 'byproducts' of the manufacture of a hormone therapy drug, and places them in loving homes

02-25-04  Orlando Sentinel - Horses from medicine firm need new homes February 26, 2004
By Lauren Ritchie / Sentinel Staff Writer

02-26-04 Horses need new homes -- you can help February 25, 2004 By Lauren Ritchie / Sentinel Staff Writer

02-04-04 Channel 29 news Fox - We need Land to relocate our headquarters.

11-26-03 The Hamburg Area ITEM - Serving the Hamburg Area, Feature Story general information about Another Chance 4 Horses and PMU's.

11-13-03 The Times Reporter - local news and information concerning Tuscarawas County, OH

11-04-03 The Intelligencer (newspaper) front page By Marion Callahan - featured for PMU industry interview

09-08-03  Channel 69 News - featured us for PMU foals saving 50 of them from going to slaughter need immediate assistance

08-15-03  Tri County Tribune ~ By CHRIS HOFFMAN , Tri-County Correspondent  (newspaper)- front page - Re:  "Iron Horse Ride for Rescue Horses"

04-03 Front Cover of Natural Horse Magazine Nation Wide magazine

04-03 Channel 69 News 4/03 - Re:  First Annual "Natural Way" Event

Lancaster Online article - After published 4 lives were lost to slaughter- RIP -

 Susan wrote- "What isn't clear is if the horses are truly in imminent danger or if they are being selected and sold on the basis of whether they can make money for the organization, not whether they are the most needy. Also, what happens to the horses that have no one to pay their "bail," as the organization calls it? What becomes of them?"

Well, (click) here they were tagged and shipped - after this article was written does that answer your question Susan? The horses were lost to slaughter.

Robert, President and Publisher email Susan, Writer of this article that in my opinion killed the 4 horses below- email