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John Spice - mini horse - pulled from a slaughter pen.  It appears as though they just whacked off the toes and rounded them after a years of neglect.  He has no frog and extremely contracted heels. 

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Grasshopper aka Encore - sponsored by Alissa and son and Tracy thank you in rehab.

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Registered belgian mare Marquette Makayla's May foaled 5-24-04 ( 3 yr old) approx 16 hh  donations received: Jen, Karen, Lisa, Lisa, Christine, Carol NJ FOB, Lisa, Gloria, Doreen and May      

Thank you Lisa and Jenny for contacting Bayer... Marquette needs high doses of Vitamin E consistantly.  She needs many angels to help offset her costs per month.             

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 Thank you Bayer for donating the marquee treatment


Bandida - 5/6 yr old POA filly - neglect case see details

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More about Christmas... the logging draft click here.  I have a home thank you.
   Buster brown approx 18 yr old bay gelding - neglected and in need of dentist and proper diet.  He was purchased at an auction where they put a saddle on him and rode him through the ring!!!  People present stated "We didn't think he would walk out of there." he is literally a walking skeleton.          more pictures and information

Before (above) and After (below)


Saddlebred mare Irish Eclipse #13396 foaled June 4th 1999   7 yr old - papers and signed transfer.  Note with mare stated broke to drive traffic safe and sound, bred to a nice red stallion due to foal in August 06 - no phone but there is an address so we will attempt to get additional information.  She had a bout of colic at the sale was treated by the vet passed manure and he thought she would be ok but since she did have a problem no one wanted to take a chance on this poor girl so we did....  she will have another chance.  Slaughter rescue. Vision loss left eye.  Eyesight is not responding to treatment and she seems to have lost vision in both eyes she is very comfortable in her surroundings and is gentle, sweet and easy to handle even with this disability. 

7-1-06 We have a Filly!!!   more about Irish and Justice   Irish and Justice are at a Sanctuary in MN :>)


Three foals, a bay Thoroughbred filly, a Black perch/ paint/ TB filly  and a sorrel  grade quarter horse filly (Megan) were surrendered late Monday evening 10-17-05 with puncture wounds to face, neck and extensive wounds on legs.  The foals were all seen yesterday 10-18-05 the sorrel is critical but the other two have a good prognosis.  We need help to pay for the expensive vet bills- additional pictures warning graphic!

Megan (vet) and Megan (foal) made an appearance on channel 69 news Saturday 10-22-05!



Tara - 5 yr old Registered Norwegian Fjord- Wags O' Tora foaled 6-10-01 Brown Dun registration number WHF-O-2052-M

Quiet draft type personality extremely people loving and personable gentle all the way around.  Diagnosed and treated for purpura and phnemonia.

Congratulations Andy and Jen!! Another success story!

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Bastian - 9 yr old paint pony gelding who was gelded incorrectly apparently someone cut inward creating a hole in the pouch.  The gelding incisions can still be seen on the close up picture.  What has happened is there is now a pocket or hole in his sheath that his penis slides into and he is unable to drop to urinate.  Urine pools in his sheath then drips as you can see in lower bottom  picture.  Surgery was done for 6-23-06 above link has link for surgery pictures.

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"Baby" To read her story and watch her rehabilitation click here


This is what a ruptured strangles abscess looks like.
Lice This is what lice look like usually they hide in the mane and are hard to see but this mare was infested with them and they are easy to see.
  Please be patient with us while we replace the pictures below that are missing or incorrect.
Prince treated for Potomac horse fever -he was close to death lost an extreme amount of weight but thankfully he was a rehab success!


Binky treated for strangles that burst into his guttural pouches- treatment was a success!

I found a home


Mini foal we successfully raised by  bottle feeding and returned to owner after mother died from colic (was euthanized by vet)



3-26-06  Injured right rear leg more information to follow

we ordered for him as well will post pictures as soon as we have them! 

he has what looks like a puncture wound he has a cut on his chest area that is healing a long scrape on the right back leg and at his fetlock a big scab which Kattie, Matt and I scrubbed clean but he wouldn't let us poke around. I was trying to get it open so it could drain.  Was successful in giving him 20 cc of naxcel and cleaning the entire area.  He is putting weight on it but he has a cough and definitely has infection going on.  We will call the office to have the vet out sedate him then we can do some tests to see what type of bacteria is in there what it is susceptible to and how best to treat him.

3-27-06- foals leg was cleaned thoroughly pink tissue was seen as well as blood no bad smell of infection was observed however we will be culturing area for bacteria types to make sure naxcel is adequate.

3-30-06 great report from the vet this fetlock will most likely remain slightly larger but no sign of infection, she said we did a great job and he should recover very nicely.  The only problem is the injury is in a tough place to heal due to movement but with wrapping and topical assistance he should be fully recovered in just a few weeks.

4-10-06 culture showed no growth of bacteria full recovery expected.

6-21-06 - all better I am ready for a home!

7-8-06 - my new family took me home thank you!

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