Broker Program Alternative to Auction/Slaughter

Another Chance 4 Horses Broker Program - an alternative to auctions/slaughter. We are providing the horses with a larger viewing audience and additional time versus the short time they get through the auction ring, holding lot, feed lot or kill pen, if they get that opportunity at all. We do not own these horses when they are listed and they are not at our rescue farm.  The information given regarding the horse(s) is approximated (best guess) not guaranteed by Another Chance 4 Horses.   We have taken a pro-active, preventative approach by listing these horses in hopes of assisting them out of the auction/slaughter arena and into a private home.  Dangers of auctions are injury, death, illness and the possibility of being purchased for slaughter.   We will include all levels of horses available.  Pickup is Monday.  Layover and quarantine available.  We reserve the right to deny anyone.  The horses are protected by written contract.  Questions   Deadline:..."The Broker Owned Program closes weekly on Friday at 9 PM.  All information needs to be in by  Saturday at 9pm. We are generally not available on Saturdays to help you, because we schedule visitors at our traditional rescue that day and Sunday we are Closed/out of office organizing transport, vetting and the pickup barn.

Information and Disclaimer:  We started this program about 9 years ago as a secondary program to our traditional rescue operation that we operate.  We do all aspects of rescue abuse, neglect, owner surrender, cruelty, unfit for sale, auction purchase and buying horses from kill buyers. 

Instructions, Payment and Pickup:  Placement (proof of ownership Form-each horse needs their own form with their information on it  click here for form, instructions and directions. Pickup date, address, contact information and timeframe for pickup will be sent to you.

To Donate (give funds but not purchasing horse) or Pay-                          

Donations are not refunded, full sponsorships and payments are refunded but ONLY if the horse is not available.  To Donate-

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                      AC4H Traditional Rescue- Available Horses  ready waiting for their new family.

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Program Update for 2014 -2 horses, 1 unborn foal

Program Update for 2013-1044 horses 23 unborn foals, 4 foal by side rescued in 51 weeks, up to 12-29-2013

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For ABC of what to do click here!!

Please read the AC4H Success Stories, Page, Reunited Through AC4H  for examples of horses reunited with their owners after they wound up at auction, broker lot or slaughter holding pen. 


1-28 ~ 9:45 am UPDATED -  We have starting off slowly and need your help to get into the full swing of things so can you please put the word out and help the horses find what they need - thank you so much!

We need you!  The horses never have enough help even if you have only 10 minutes a day you would be surprised in what you can accomplish in those 10 minutes please give it a try.  If you have longer - awesome!  We want to hear from you email subject line volunteer to help and we will discuss how to fit rescue into your very busy day thank you so much the happy faces you see with their new families definitely makes it all worthwhile.

1)  Pickup Facility Needed asap to rent/lease or as a tax deduction- close proximity to New Holland, PA preferred.

2) Quarantine facilities needed asap please email with quarantine facility in the subject line and introduce yourself to us if you are interested. Experience with horses, quarantine etc., required. 

3) We are looking for a lease to purchase, or a miracle donation of an equine facility in the Berks, Lebanon, Lancaster or other surrounding Counties.

4) We need 2 or 3 gently used or new hay rings, 2 gates that attach to round pen panels,   Wishing big here but here we go - skid loader to put hay away, move big bales to ring, clean pasture, load manure and all the other farm work done with this piece of equipment.  Golf Cart 4 wheel or a Gator :)  (any questions please ask we are a 501c(3) Charity your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law). 

While we work through the mounds of paperwork due at this time of year for running a non profit rescue and apply for much needed funds from grants which have a short period of time to apply but require a serious amount of paperwork and get caught up on sending out paperwork to adopters, please assist the horses below in finding a home, they deserve a family of their own, thank you.  Horses ready for placement at the traditional rescue- Available Horses

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Status A- Available P- Pending PL - Placed  AU- Unknown  
Description:   Be a "Horse Angel" help them feel loved until they find their own family click here! photo    




The below horses are quarantined this service is a value of $300.00 to $450.00.

They can be seen by appointment on Saturday from noon to 3 pm - email us to schedule your appointment

You help 2 lives the one you took home and the one you made room for.

The below horses which are part of the special sale $500 or below are marked and available at this price for a limited time only.  Please share their pictures, information they need a family of their own- thank you.

Offers Accepted and considered for ANY of the

 Horses at the traditional rescue-Link Available Horses . Please feel free to submit reasonable offers - serious inquiries only please.






John Spice - Placed

Super cute Miniature gelding. John was rescue from shipping to slaughter. Has been to numerous public fundraising events with other animals, around children visiting schools, Handicapped adults and children including motor vehicles like wheel chairs. He is an experienced in driving at expos in front of hundreds of people is not afraid of vehicles. Is good for vet and farrier. He gets along with foals, Geldings, Mares big and small, 32 inches tall






Delilah has wowed us in every way. She is a black and white pony mare approx 5 years old and 14.2 hands.  She rides the same every day. You can't ask for a better pony. She loves to work rides English, Western and Bareback will hack out alone or in a group and is a natural for jumping. She is friendly and loves attention, she leads, loads, clips bathes is good for vet and farrier. Gets along with mares or geldings or mixed herd is an easy keeper and would be a great addition to any barn or family.

We have an offer of $750.00 for this pony currently

$2,500.00 A




Bunny's Lastchance 

Bunny is a wonderful gelding who rides the same everyday. He is currently in pasture condition but is the kind of mount who can sit for a while and ride the same way he has a wonderful personality and is uncomplicated.  He would be great for an experienced beginner he knows his cues and really tries hard to please his rider an intermediate riders have a blast with him because he isn't a robot mount during multiple evaluations here he seems to adjust to his riders ability and experience. Bunny has been trail ridden by raw beginners in just a halter and lead rope. He is  willing to go out alone or with a group, he rides walk trot and canter push button and willingly does small jumps and really seems to enjoy working.  He gets along with mares or geldings no vices just a super nice mount that loves attention and has a lot of love to offer and a lot of experience to share.


$1,500.00 A


Chestnut mare approx 12 hands and 11 years old star, snip and back right white.  This little mare is just a love bug. She is timid but once she knows you she'll love you and do her best to please. She has been ridden bare back and with an English saddle. She prefers to ride with a halter and lead rope. She is green to ride/hack out on her own but is willing to lead line. She didn't mind having a little pony party with three young lead line riders. With some work this little girl could really blossom. She is an easy keeper gets along well with mares or geldings or mixed herd.


$550.00 A


Sponsored by Laura needs home


Jennifer has been with AC4H since 2009. All of her companions that were rescued with her have found their forever homes, two out of three that came into the rescue and exposed the neglect of the 177 pasture mares are showing and one is a fantastic riding buddy and is loved by everyone. Jennifer is timid and untrusting. Lara is able to catch, pick up her feet, brush, and bath her. She needs a person with a big heart and a lot of extra time to spend on her or a home where she can be a companion.  She is not broke to ride only because she needs someone to bond with and trust to take her to that level, there is no physical reason that she isn't broke to ride but she was not halter broke or handled much if at all prior to coming to the rescue.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$100.00 A




Snuffy has made fantastic progress since he came into AC4H as a wild unhandled youngster. He takes a rider, lead lines, and is starting to ride on his own! He has filled out and looks great. He is looking for a special home to bond with "his person". He loves attention and treats.   He is a fast learner,  enjoys working and is ready to be finished.  He has been tacked English, Western and also doesn't mind bareback.


Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$650.00 A





George is a great indoor gelding that will do anything you ask, but in turtle speed. He can be difficult to catch for some people but is very food oriented and can be coaxed with a treat and if he "likes you" then he will seek you out. He had attached himself to one of the volunteers who due to work injury can't come help any more and he let her walk up to him anywhere and when he heard her he would come looking for her. Everyone who volunteers here from beginners to experienced level has ridden him for evaluations he rides western or bareback. He does fantastic for beginners in a riding arena or area he is familiar with and on trails does better following a lead horse.  He would really like to have his own person he has gone through so much and still wants to love and be loved. (see his pictures click on his name to go to his personal page and see  from when he was rescued through recovery to full recovery)

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$800.00 A



Really Grayzone 

Really Grayzone Grey TB mare -  born April 9th, 1989 by Zoning out of a mare named Baymira.  She's a NY bred, last raced at Suffolk Downs Oct. 10th, 1994.   Career Earnings:  19 starts, 0-2-3 earnings of $21,960.00.  Direct rein, walk, trot, canter pushbutton ride has get up and go when asked - gentle ground manners - no vices. Will ride English, Western or bareback swaps her leads will hack out alone or with a group. 



Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$650.00 A







Under priced driving prospect waiting for the right person to spend time with and finish training. Autumn looks like a rare Gotland sport pony which are known for their driving skills and sweet dispositions. She gets along with mares and geldings friendly, athletic and ready to really start her life she just needs her own person who can take her to the next level, please help her find her person by sharing her picture and information, thank you.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$375.00 A


C C Chin


This gelding rides walk, trot trot faster he also drives but we have not hitched him.  He is friendly loves attention, has great ground manners, gets along with mares or geldings and is non confrontational - he is a lover not a fighter.  He has no vices is good for vet and farrier.  He will take a Western or English saddle, direct reins and also will ride bareback.  He is a super nice gelding non spooky has been ridden by beginners up to experienced riders and will go out alone or in a group he is very easy to get along with and really tries his best to please.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$850.00 A


1468599_556407117789593_994694274_n (1)



Bella is a stunning 2013 Quarter cross filly. She is a total sweet heart, loves people and seeks attention. She is halter broke has good ground manners picks up her feet for the farrier has been on and off a stock trailer for training. The pictures do not do her justice she is just beautiful.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$500.00 A




Cricket is a stunning 2013 Gotland Russ cross filly also known as a sport pony. Gotland's are a rare breed they were imported from Sweeden and there are less than 100 known of in the USA.  This rare breed cross are known for their sweet dispositions and athletic abilities.  She is a total sweet heart and loves people. She is halter broke, has good ground manners, picks up her feet for the farrier has been on and off a stock trailer for training.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$500.00 A






Information coming soon

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$800.00 A





Snickers was foaled in 2011 her dam is a registered Quarter Horse named Trixie Be Nimble she could probably be registered in the 1/2 quarter registry.  Snickers is super friendly in your pocket personality is very athletic and extremely willing to please she seemed like she was born broke although she is a young horse she acts like she is an aged horse she is very non spooky and was super easy to start and although still green she is a fast leaner really enjoys work and play. She  is ready to finish in your choice of disciplines.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$750.00 A






Appaloosa mare will ride English, Western and will neck rein, pushbutton transitions through gates walk, trot, and canter. When she went through the auction she was reported to have been used as a goat tying and rodeo events.  She is athletic will go out alone or with a group, she is an easy keeper and gets along with mares or geldings.  She would be best suited for an intermediate rider because she is responsive to cues and is ready to go when asked.  If she is let sit for a while she can be fresh when transitioning from a trot to a canter. She has good ground manners, good for vet and farrier is non spooky and the volunteers who have ridden her have all reported that she is a lot of fun to ride.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$1,200.00 A




Riley is a stunning 2013 Appaloosa cross filly. She is a total sweet heart and loves people. She is halter trained and picks up her feet.

Description:   Be a "Horse Angel"

$500.00 A



Bobby's Honor

You don't get much better than Bobby. He is a huge gelding who is willing to ride walk trot and canter. Bobby has been on trail rides and did wonderfully. He rides english western and bareback. He is an in your pocket puppy dog. Bobby absolutely adores people. He rides great for our volunteers who are intermediate riders.






Warmblood gelding

info coming soon!






Please share the horses who are waiting for their forever homes-AC4H Traditional Rescue - When you adopt from a rescue you save two lives the one you took home and the one you made room for.  Click Available Horses to see the horses in our care.   Join us on the traditional rescue page - Facebook   Connect with us on Facebook  

Status A- Available P- Pending PL - Placed  AU- Unknown

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Status A- Available P- Pending PL - Placed  AU- Unknown  





































Lancaster Online article - After published 4 lives were lost to slaughter- RIP -

 Susan wrote- "What isn't clear is if the horses are truly in imminent danger or if they are being selected and sold on the basis of whether they can make money for the organization, not whether they are the most needy. Also, what happens to the horses that have no one to pay their "bail," as the organization calls it? What becomes of them?"

Well, (click) here they were tagged and shipped - after this article was written does that answer your question Susan? The horses were lost to slaughter.

Robert, President and Publisher email

Susan, Writer of this article that in my opinion killed the 4 horses below- email