AC4H Owner Assistance Placement Program

Information: We do not set prices for these horses and they do not belong to Another Chance 4 Horses. Through this page we offer owners of horses a way to place their horses into approved homes through our international network.  This is a  preventative program to keep horses our of auctions and the slaughter circuit.   Please use the Transfer of Ownership form in your name or farm name Transfer of ownership Form. You can protect your horse from ending up in a place where rescue is needed. The information posted is provided to us, we cannot guarantee the information is accurate or correct and any agreement regarding liability is the responsibility of the current owner of the horse and the purchasing party. For more information or to add your horse to the Page click here.                                                                                                   

  17 year old quarter horse - waiting for more info.

He is a 15.2 hand quarter horse gelding. He is a liver chestnut, dark in the winter and copper in the summer. He was coggins negative as of April 2012 and had his shots at that time too.  He is sensitive to dust and pollen and will cough when the weather is exceptionally dry. He is not on any long term medication.  He stands well for the farrier.  He is a great ride for an intermediate rider who has confidence and good leg.  He is not good for beginners because I believe he has too much spark. He has a fantastic collected trot and rocking horse canter. Can easily be ridden bareback and Western.  I do not know about English. He loves to roll in the mud, and will roll immediately following a bath! He is currently barefoot, but has shoes that will go with him.

Located in Fleetwood PA 19522- email Cheryl @


Ty – Tennessee Walker, 12 years old, gelding

Ty tends to fall at the bottom of the pecking order.  He likes having a pasture mate and doesn’t like being left behind or alone.

He does need a rider with experience and someone that will tell him no or knock it off.  If his rider is meek, he will take advantage.  He is good for men or women, but men seem to do better with him.

Need Emergency Placement - Juniata County PA 17082 email

Ringo – true age unknown, estimated at 15 years. Gelding

Missouri Fox Trotter and he does have a wonderful gait. 

He prefers women but does need someone with some riding experience, no beginners. 

Need Emergency Placement -  Juniata County PA 17082 email