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~ Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. Rescue, Rehabilitation and Placement is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation headquartered in  Pennsylvania with an international network.  We have been in continuous operation for over a decade.  We are an all volunteer based, all breed horse rescue.  Hay, vet, farrier and life saving donations are always needed and greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Contact  AC4H Annual audit performed and 990's Available online via Guidestar    Donation optionsVisaMastercardAmerican ExpressDiscover      

Please email us at or call 610-621-5290 to schedule a visit to AC4H to find your next horse friend :>)  Please see the Traditional website, Available horses link

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Washington DC pictures March 08    ~~ Senator Landrieu and family visits New Holland Auction   Volunteer Link - please see this link for pictures of AC4H volunteers     Visitor Link - please see this link for pictures of visitors at AC4H :>)

Pictures from Around The Farm   A Huge Thank you to our Horse Angels, Horse Helpers and Volunteers- hands on and on the internet.

  Fundraising urgently to save lives – Please consider sending your life saving donation today – through paypal or to Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. 166 Station Rd., Bernville PA 19506.  A 501c(3) non profit organization.  Visit us on the web – questions email  

We are all waiting for Jennifer to foal. Here is her updated video.

Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. update 8-20-12


Wanted to send a quick update out to everyone.  It has been very busy as usual! 


First I want to thank everyone who prayed for my Dad it was a tough road and we almost lost him three times but thank God prayers were answered and he is now at home and doing well. 


We updated everyone about Snuffy who was brought into the rescue as a unfit for sale horse.  He had no information/history with him and we did a testosterone test which came back indicating he was a gelding.  Surprise he had a testicle drop and the vets were shocked but said in rare instances this can happen.  (info on under traditional horse rescue link) we are fundraising for his surgery in October.  Almost all of the mares in our care have come into season with the exception of one, Jennifer.  Jennifer came into the rescue as a neglect victim – the case was nationally publicized as the Paragallo case.  The owner was charged and changes to the racing industry in New York were made due to this case specifically.  Jake from Premier Equine Vet Clinic palpated Jennifer last week on Tuesday and was unable to feel a baby by palpating and also with the ultrasound machine he couldn’t say she was definitely in foal but said her cervix was closed and due to this, her appearance and his gut feeling we decided she is “in foal”.  This morning Jennifer confirmed our suspicions with a full udder and by evening was dripping milk- we are going to have a baby!  We are watching her closely actually I am typing from my laptop watching her right now!  We will let you know as soon as this precious surprise arrives.


Other news…  we had three adoptions Skin Tight Jean, Lemmi Shine and Shadow all went to their new homes this week.  A great big thank you to the horse helpers/volunteers who take the time to list the horses on classified ads and other media and social outlets to help them find homes.  A rescue isn’t complete until the horse has a family of his or her own.  Because three horses were adopted we agreed to rescue a horse as Hailey’s 14th birthday wish (see  We were hoping to help a horse today but were unsuccessful so we will continue to fundraise and try again in a few weeks.

This Saturday 8-25 from 12 – 5 we will be having a mini-expo at the rescue – there will be something for everyone more information-  

Broker Owned Program – We have helped over 500 horses this year through this program.  Please tell your friends about this program and ask them to please share pictures of the horses as the horses new home may be waiting on their email list or friends list on facebook. 

Owners Assistance Placement Program – please don’t forget to check the listings – these horses are in need of homes and this is the way to help them before they wind up in the auction/slaughter circuit, thank you!

Fundraising – We are working on our Fall silent auction and are asking everyone to participate and help make this a successful fundraiser.  If you have an item or service to donate please contact us at  Thank you so much!

If you want to get involved hands on or helping online – please contact us the horses need all the help they can get J  

Christy Sheidy, Co-Founder  Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. 501c(3) rescue, rehabilitation and placement Traditional rescue and preventative programs

AC4H Update July 31, 2012

Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc.

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Because of you over 500 horses have received “another chance” so far this year.  You keep the miracles happening it can be 1,000.00 by year end!

Description: in Bernville Pennsylvania Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc., a 501c(3) nonprofit all breed rescue, has been in continuous operation for over a decade. We have helped those who have been abused, neglected, slaughter bound, starved and ultimately betrayed and we can’t do it without you.

With your help, support and participation over 500 horses have received “another chance” at life this year and we are on track to help 1,000.00 horses by the end of the year.  Just a few highlights of the horses helped in the past couple of weeks a Standardbred broodmare from a prominent operation who’s foals earned about $600,000.00 sold for slaughter but with our intervention she is now resting for her trip home to her new family.  A stakes winning Arabian mare with an impeccable pedigree, an owner reunited with her horse after 10 years of separation and the miracles keep happening watch as they unfold on the yahoo and face book forums.


To keep these miracles happening we need your help.  Your life changing tax deductible item or monetary donation will help take care of the horses waiting for homes, help pull slaughtered bound horses moments before loading on a trailer and your donation of time is much needed too.  There isn’t a better time to help make a difference and get involved, the horses need you.



Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.  Even if you do not live close enough to volunteer hands on we need cyber volunteers who assist the horses in many ways, listing the horses on sites so they are seen and find homes, contacting prior owners to help track down information, educating the general public about horse slaughter when free or cheap horses are listed by sending out a pre-formatted letter alerting them to the danger their horse could be in.  Horse slaughter is still America’s dirty little secret many people do not know that horse slaughter for human consumption even exists or that an American horse is slaughtered every five (5) minutes.  Each Saturday the traditional rescue is open for visitors, volunteers and appointments, we would love to have you visit us and meet the horses and hear their incredible stories.

Fundraising – We are collecting donations now to assist with  general operating funds for expenses like hay, grain, vet, farrier, dentist, gelding, emergency funds and humane euthanasia.  If you would like to help or if you have a new or gently used item you would like to donate the horses would very much appreciate it.  We also need volunteers to help collect items donated and to contact sponsors for item donations.  If you would like to make a life changing difference, please contact us at

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Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. a 501c(3) all breed non profit rescue or email us at

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Urgent Fundraising Need -  Snuffy possibly a sulphur mustang -was deemed unfit for sale by the vet after being consigned to New Holland auction and we were asked if we wanted to help him.  Snuffy was wild, untouched and not people friendly he was coated with manure and it was so tight it was pulling the hair off and causing irritation to his skin.  He went to the vet’s for a couple weeks to have work done sedation, manure removal, treatment of irritated skin and a testosterone test which came back 0.  Snuffy has come a long way in our care and Gail (volunteer) has really bonded with him.  Volunteers play a very important role hands on with the horses helping them to become adoptable and loving them while they wait for their forever families.  Recently Snuffy had a single testicle descend – imagine our surprise!  We need to raise funds to have him sedated, examined, gelded then have a more thorough test done which takes several hours to make sure he isn’t a cryptoid.  Surgery for cryptoid gelding is very costly around $1,500.00 – the less expensive option offered was euthanasia-  after all he has been through we can’t consider that an option.  Snuffy needs your help – no donation is too large or too small.  Possibly there is a grant out there that could help him?  Or other possibilities that  could be found by you?  Please help him…

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The vetting crew who faithfully and fearlessly gets these horses ready to go to their new homes.

Random pictures from AC4H

AC4H attending and educating at the HSUS Walk for the Animals October 2nd

Kate senior volunteer and her family with the mini's

  • other venders LAPS on end

Selina driving literally all over introducing her miniature to everyone

Lara took off meeting people and introducing them to mini's with Gail, Craig and Tawney


Donations thank you!

visitors at the farm

visitors with mini's



March 23 horse rescued directly from slaughter to Lynn currently at Dawn's -

Mare we are fundraising for nicknamed Aiden fundraising was unssuccessful for this mare she is currently with Dawn as Lynn unloaded her and they couldn't get her loaded back on the trailer.  I am sure that these ladies will be able to load this horse and get her to Lynns or AC4H. waiting for contract from Dawn.


This guy purchased a mini from the auction then proceeded to put him in the back of the truck with a slippery lining and cross tie him for transport.  He was politely told that this was unsafe but continued.  The mini became entangled, both front legs in the cross ties and with slippery footing could have broke his legs.  After numerous requests by the vet, auction staff and AC4H were ignored by the person who purchased him,  I called the New Holland Police.  They showed up immediately to assist but the man had unloaded the mini and tied him back in the auction while I was talking with the dispatcher.  They were going to keep an eye out should he try to transport in this manner after we left.  We would like to thank New Holland police department for their quick response and assistance.